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Here you find a list of updates of this free bikini website.
If you have suggestions for erotic additions, funny stories or useful knowledge: please do not hesitate to contact us!!

17-Jul-2019 Added some more content : free pictures and some additional movies. Have fun !
September 21, 2006 Added pictures from Cathie in the visitors section
july 8, 2006 Continued the update and added a section with nudes. Not just regular nudes, but artistic and beautiful women with grace and style. Pure Art.
june 26, 2006 I (Britt) started a major upgrade of the entire website: new layout, getting rid of our bad sponsors and I will also rearrange the message board a little bit. This will take some time, I guess a week or so.
April 27, 2006 Added also pictures from SoCal thongman
February 15, 2006 Added also pictures from Jon and Will from California
February 02, 2006 We got a very good review at Monica 's reviews. This is what she thinks about our website :
When you're surfing for adult content online, it's soon obvious that there is little out there for free of quality, and what is out there is difficult to find. Thong Amateurs is one of those rare gems of a site that is well designed, provides great content, and doesn't bombard you with annoying adverts.

At Thong Amateurs you'll find lots of galleries featuring sexy women of all kinds wearing thongs, both panties and bikinis. There are outdoor images, beach images, women bending over, women posing, and women apparently caught unaware. At the time of this review (Feb. 2, 2006) there were just over five hundred images. The quality of the images varies, but for a free site, they are all pretty darn good. If you want to see lots and lots of butts with thongs on, this is the place.

There is also a movie section featuring fifteen .wmv files that you can choose to save to your computer or open in your movie player. All of them are of women on the beach are relatively short.

A section that I enjoyed featured images from visitors, both female and male. I liked checking out the men showing off their thongs as I didn't find any guys in the general photo section. You can submit your own photos to this section if you'd like, but I think at this time I'll pass.

There is a message board where members can discuss the content, talk about thongs, and discuss specific places for wearing and viewing thongs. There are links that lead to information on thongs, such as the history of thongs, the types and styles of thongs, and information you might need when you buy a thong. There are link directories as well for shops that sell thongs and a list of sites that also feature thong content.

For a free site, Thong Amateurs is really good quality. If you've got a hankering for thongs, I suggest you check it out... and if you're a man, please contribute, I want to see your butt!
Februari 1, 2006

We got a "QUALITY" rating on Jane's Sex Guide, just look in the category fetish panties stockings dated 01/30/2006. Jane should be your first stop for porn and sexuality on the internet.

This is wat Peter from Janes guide says about our website:

This free labor of love is devoted to the thong and g-string beachwear. They have quite a few galleries [over 500 images] both posed and candid. There are a collection of short movie clips. They link to an extensive list of other sites that have similar or related content, and they have illustrated discussion of the variety of thong types, the variety of waxing styles, and similar. I gotta admit it, folks - I spent quite a bit of time here going through things. - Peter
Januari 31, 2006 Added also pictures from Mike from Sweden
Januari 31, 2006 Added my own pictures to the visitors section (Britt). Enjoy the pics !!! Alse the pictures from Thongmad are added to the visitors section.
Januari 26, 2006 Some visitors pictures added and ... we now have 2000 visitors a day!
Januari 2, 2006 First of all: A happy 2006 for all of you and I wish you big thong fun this year. Some good news: our google rank is climbing fast and the number of visitors to this site is increasing fast. Let us hope that we become the most popular thong site in 2006
December 16, 2005 We had a new record in number of visitors a day: 1467
Let us hope this website becomes more and more popular and that the message board attracts more thong addicts to discuss thongs and other kinds of bikinis.
December 3, 2005 We have a new guest in our guest section: Chris.
Feel free to browse his thong pictures.
November 23, 2005 We have a new moderator for our message board, called shavedthonger. He is so friendly to volunteer to moderate our thong forum.
November 22, 2005 Last sunday, we had a very good ranking on google. Unfortunately it disappeared after one day.
November 10, 2005 A guest section is added (in the menu on the left). Visitors can contact us and have their thong pics shown on the website. Both male and female pics will be shown and all guests are kindly invited to submit their thong pictures.
November 3, 2005 Traffic is increasing: very fast. Good news!
November 1, 2005 Being back from holiday (yes! I was wearing thongs on the beach all the time!) I put lots of efforts in adding new links and getting this website linked from other sites
July 9, 2005 The webmaster section is ready! Webmasters that are running bikini and softcore websites are kindly invited to exchange links and recieve tons of traffic from us.
July 8, 2005 we have a message board now where you can discuss all you favourite beach and thong topics. Please enjoy the free forum !
July 7, 2005 adding even more free pics
July 6, 2005 adding the history of thongs
July 4, 2005 200 pictures added, a nice collection is growing now
July 2, 2005 100 pictures added, mainly thongs
July 1, 2005 Launching this brand new site. We are happy to offer our visitors a nice collection of pictures small and daring beachware.